Interview with an investigator of white collar crimes / Perry Case

Hans-Peter Geil, a top investigator in the field of white-collar crime, gave “Wirtschaft Regional” an interesting interview (online only available in a shortened version).

Some of the cases mentioned here, can be found in great detail on this website:;art173,374984

Interesting is, that in his view, the number of black (criminal) sheep has not risen (This also corresponds to the thesis presented here that the number of cases is still small and it is by no means a systematic problem – it is always about individual black sheep), but the cases have become more complex.

That in turn does not surprise. The cases have more and more implications for other jurisdictions, from Switzerland over the UK to Panama.

One case, which will be discussed more intense very soon, is a case with a UK connection and which has already caused a lot of dust there:

The so-called Perry case is one of those difficult cases. A whistleblower has leaked us first interesting material, which is a good starting point for further research. This case is also the reason why we decided to start writing bilingual from the upcoming article.

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Please do not hesitate and send us (completely anonymous by using our PGP-based whistleblower-tool) further material regarding international cases involving black sheep. we will use the material carefully.

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