Black Sheep

These are the black sheep for Liechtenstein’s financial center. It is not just about criminal offenses (I don’t have to underline that the presumption of innocence is valid until the legal validity). It is also about moral misconduct, embodying a questionable image, standing for border crossings. The reasons for being included in this list are manifold, but these black sheep have one thing in common: they harm the reputation of our financial center! I hope this list will stay short.

Harry Gstöhl

Harry Gstöhl was a trustee, a particularly highly decorated trustee. However, Harry Gstöhl was also President of the State Court for many years and, until recently, also a representative of the Principality in the “Venice Commission” of the Council of Europe. Harry Gstöhl is a black sheep. His arrest and first conviction in 2017 triggered a veritable shock wave in Liechtenstein. Meanwhile, Harry Gstöhl is legally sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for infidelity, fraud and money laundering. More >>

Mario Staggl

Mario Staggl was a trustee like Harry Gstöhl. Less decorated with offices, but all the more dazzling. You couldn’t have missed busy Mario Staggl in Vaduz – alone because of his bar in Vaduz. Mario Staggl is a black sheep. He has been in custody since spring 2018. The allegations are grave: infidelity, embezzlement and fraud. More >>

Marxer & Partner

The trust and law firm Marxer und Partner – founded in 1925 – is one of the largest players in the market with almost 30 lawyers. Again and again, activities of this law firm are publicized that justify the status of “black sheep”. Be it questionable activities around dealing with court records in the case of a former Finance minister of the neighboring country Austria or foundation constructions worth a discussion. More >>